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Reiki Treatments and Attunements


Reiki is NOT a faith. It is a form of energy healing that employs the natural energy (Chi / Qi) that exists in all things. You do not need to believe in any faith, or indeed believe in "God" by any name. Reiki is compatible will all faiths including Christianity. You do not need to enguage in any cultural practices or religious practices that might conflict with your faith. Reiki is simply a meditative self healing process.

Stuart has been involved in Transcendental meditation, martial arts, Qi Gung, Taoist meditation, energy healing and other related arts since the mid 1980's. For many years he has been a Reiki master in Fusion and Usai Reiki, and recently has been attuned in a number of other styles at Master level and above. He is an Usai Grandmaster.  He has received training in various faiths and religions including Paganism, Christianity, Druid, Western Traditions, Taoism and Multi-faith.  This enables him to work with people of different faiths within their own traditions.

Stuart employs spontaneous style Qi Gong, Chi breathing, Zen Reiki, meditation, visualisation and mindfulness techniques from Buddhism in his practice. He also employs Taoist philosophy, buddhist philosophy, interfaith philosophy and japanese complementary holistic styles in assisting his clients. These can all be employed in the context of the faith held by the client, or indeed lack of faith.

Following recent study of Wu shamanism, Taoist healing techniques and deep meditation Stuart received the attunement and wisdom of the Tao Reiki Do system.

Reiki Treatments in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Reiki Treatments are available at our practice locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow by appointment. Reiki may be combined as part of an overall holistic approach, or offered as a single method of self healing. 

If your issues are primarily psychological in nature then Stuart would be the best choice of practitioner.

If your issues are more physically manifested then Denise would be your best choice.

Alternatively you might choose based on type of Reiki you prefer. An up to date list of styles the practitioners are attuned in is kept below.

Reiki treatments for physical issues are usually carried out with the client lying down on a massage table or a futon. Often crystals are also used to add to the vibrational power of the Chi.

Reiki treatments for psychological issues may be performed lying down, or indeed in the sitting position. Often it is easier to move between psychological therapies and Reiki with the client remaining seated.

You remain fully clothed and fully aware of your surroundings while receiving Reiki treatments.

Reiki Attunements (by Distance Attunement)

Reiki takes no notice of distance or time and is thought to be related to quantum physics in that it defies attempts to explain it by conventional means. Therefore distance attunement is a valid and often used method of attunement. Frankly hand positions are extremely easy to use, attunements work fine by distance attunement, and therefore expensive local classes in Reiki attunement are really a money making exercise. Indeed the true spirit of Reiki is to spread healing at low or no cost. 

Different styles of Reiki are like different style of meditation or prayer. Within each is a deep symbolism which is similar to shamanic animal symbolism, spirt world symbolism or Jungian archetypes. Thus attuning to and meditating on each style provides deep personal meaning and self analysis. This is similar to the way that many Jungian practitioners or shamanic practitioners will meditate on the symbolism and meaning of archetypes and totems.

Available via ourselves are two forms of Reiki attunement free of charge for members of the SHTC, students at SAC and members of the multi-faith Church of Seven Planes. If you are of any faith whatsoever you may join the Church of Seven Planes  free of charge, and thus  qualify for free attunement. We encourage this as a route since joining a chuch is a sign of committment and therefore we can be assured that we are providing attunement to someone serious about making positive healing use of the gift.

Free manuals from a colleague and Master are available as part of the free system of attunement. This system of attunement is provided true to the vision of the founder, and Stuart's attuner - Dr Rev Jason Storm.

If you wish to arrange free attunement then please visit this page HERE

In addition to the free attunements Stuart is the Founder of Tao Reiki Do, and Mindfulness Reiki Do and attunement can be arranged by distance for a modest fee. The additional manual is provided free to persons agreeing attunement.  You must be a Reiki Master to receive these attunements. If you have not yet received Master Level attunement then please consult the free attunement page first.  Tao Reiki Do is available via HERE  
Mindfulness Reiki Do is available HERE

Current Reiki Styles by Practitioner - Edinburgh & Glasgow

(Most styles to Master level or above) Attunement costs in [] brackets. Attunement is seperate from clinical practice.


Usai [free]

Seichem [free]

Fusion [free]

Brighit Flame [£15]

Angel Light [£15]

Buddha Medicine [£15]

5 Buddha [£15]

Zen [£15] 

Tao Reiki Do (Founding Master) [£20]

Dolphin [not available]

Etheric Acupuncture [free via colleague]

Usai Reiki Grandmaster levels 5-18 (includes group healing, & "Great Hope") [£15 per level]

Goddess Aine [£15]

Bridge Energy [via colleague]
Unified Chakra [via colleague]

Isis Seichem [£15]
Arianrhod [£15]

Golden Triangle Healing [via colleague]

Goddess Branwen [£15]

Mindfulness Reiki Do (Founding Master) [£20]
Goddess Brighid [£15]
Pagan Elemental Reiki (Founding Master) [£20]

Qi Dragon [£15]
Activation of the Shaman [£15]

Annubis, God of the Dead [£15)

Goddess Cailleach [£15]

Goddess Cerridwen [£15]

God Dagda  [£15]

God Danu [£15]

Goddess Epona [£15]

Godess Rhiannon [£15]

Speciality areas: Psychological, Qi Gung, Eastern Philosophy


Angel Light [£15]

Usai [free]

Isis Seichem [£15]

Dolphin [not available]

Tao Reiki Do [£20]
Energy and Magic of the Fairies [£15]
4 Sons of Horus [£15]
Mindfulness Reiki Do [£20]

Thor's Hammer [£15]
Qi Dragon [£15]
Goddess Freya Warrior Empowerment [£15]

Goddess Cerridwen [£15]

Fairy Tree spirit Energies [£15]

Goddess Epona [£15]

Specialities: Physical manifestations, Crystal healing, Colour Healing, Energy Kinesiology, Wiccan Philosophy

If you would like to purchase a distance attunement in any of the above systems, please email us and discuss your requirements. Many of the above systems require Usai master level, and this can be arranged free of charge (subject to conditions). Free Usai manuals are available. Other charged for attunements are provided along with a manual and free email certification. Payment is usually made by paypal. Once your requirements are discussed you can be invoiced via paypal, and on receipt of your payment, Chi Ball distance attunements will be set up. 

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