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Mindfulness Reiki Do

 This service is seperate from our clinical practice

Stuart has been involved in Transcendental meditation, martial arts, Qi Gung, Taoist meditation, energy healing and other related arts since the mid 1980's. For many years he has been a Reiki master in Fusion and Usai Reiki, and recently has been attuned in a number of other styles at Master level and above.

Stuart employs spontaneous style Qi Gong, Chi breathing, Zen Reiki, meditation, Morita,  visualisation and mindfulness techniques from Buddhism in his practice. He also employs Taoist philosophy, buddhist philosophy, interfaith philosophy and japanese complementary holistic styles in assisting his clients.

Following recent study of Wu shamanism, Taoist healing techniques and deep meditation Stuart received the attunement and wisdom of the Mindfulness Reiki Do system.

The system comes with a free manual and meditation guide. 

In order to become attuned the student must already have completed Master Level Attunement. If you have not already received attunement at Master level then please go to the free attunement page. Mindfulness Reiki Do is an Advanced Master Level Attunement and enables the attuned practioner to pass on the attunement to others. 

Mindfulness Reiki do draws on principles of Mindfulness and is different from many other styles of Reiki because of it;s philosophy and it's emphasis on avoiding discourse and verbalism during healing. This creates a more profound healing power and experience.

The cost of the attunement process is currently £20 (British Pounds). The attunement is available via Chi Ball  distance attunement. Students may choose if they prefer to use the self attunement in the manual, which will draw on the energy of maintained chi ball by Stuart, the founder. Individual Chi ball attunement is however covered in this cost.  The manual is provided free and may be passed on to those you attune free of charge as long as copyright is respected. The £20 charge will be used to contribute towards additional development, attunement and system creation by Stuart and Denise.

In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then arrange to send you the manual by email and arrange the chi ball attunement.  We normally send a paypal invoice for £20 to an email address of your choice once we have all the information we need to arrange your personal chi ball attunement.  

Email us HERE to begin arranging your  Reiki Do attunement 

Free attunements in Traditional or Fusion Reiki for SAC students, SHTC members and Church of Seven Planes members HERE

We have also developed a powerful style of Reiki called Tao Reiki Do. This is available for a small fee -  see HERE

Mindfulness psychological therapy and personal training available in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Professional Mindfulness practitioner therapist training available via HERE

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