Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

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Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk







Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

 Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

SHTC Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk
Fellows of the Society of Holistic Therapists & Coaches
SFT Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

About Us:

Professionally Registered
Qualified to real standards
Adhering to NOS
Dedicated to Ongoing development
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First established 1993

Welcome to Scotland's Premier Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and Holistic Personal Development Counselling Site for Edinburgh, Glasgow & Falkirk

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Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

Hypnotherapy and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Edinburgh and Glasgow. (CNHC Registered Practitioner)

We are complementary health practitioners, not alternative health practitioners. This means that we work WITH the medical profession. If you have an illness or injury, or if you are going to embark on a new diet, fitness plan or if you have any uninvestigated symptoms, you must consult your medical doctor before having hypnotherapy or NLP. 

The PSA is an independent body, accountable to Parliament. The PSA was asked by the Government to set up the AR scheme in 2012, to offer enhanced protection for anyone seeking health and social care services that are not statutorily regulated.’ PSA Quote

CNHC registered hypnotherapist: Stuart and Denise
Stuart & Denise: CNHC registered Hypnotherapist

CNHC is the UK voluntary regulator for complementary therapies that was set up with government funding and support

Many good Insurance schemes recognise CNHC registered hypnotherapists for reimbursement.

Stuart is a FHT registered hypnotherapist

(Stuart: FHT registered therapist)

Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk

Hypnotherapy is a generally misunderstood therapy, thanks to poor films and the silly mystique encouraged by stage hypnotists. Hypnotherapy is actually the use of psychotherapy methods in a state of relaxation known as Hypnosis.

There is nothing magic, mystical, mysterious, controlling or unethical about hypnotherapy. It is simply professional psychotherapy using the state of relaxation known as hypnosis.

Hypnosis, what is the state of hypnosis used in Hypnotherapy? What can I expect in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk?

The word comes from the greek work for sleep - hypnos. It actually describes the natural state of relaxation between awake and asleep that we have come to know as "hypnosis".  You go through this state every time you fall asleep and every time you wake. If you can sleep, you can use hypnosis or self hypnosis, and are able to benefit from hypnotherapy.

  • Everyone who is capable of sleep can enter hypnosis and enjoy hypnotherapy.
  • You know what is going on, you are not controlled.
  • You can hear what is being said during hypnotherapy.
  • It is a natural state, you go through it every time you go to sleep.
  • It is not magical or mystical.
  • It has nothing to do with any faith or religion other than the state is similar physically to trances and deep prayer.
  • You do not need a deep state of hypnosis for hypnotherapy to work.
  • Rapid inductions are not therapeutic, slow relaxing inductions are far more valid in hypnotherapy.
  • Hypnosis is not a therapy, it is a state of relaxation used in hypnotherapy.
  • The therapy part of hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.
  • Stage hypnotists are in no way qualified as hypnotherapists and the regulation of hypnotherapy bans the use of stage hypnosis by practicing hypnotherapists.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of a variety of therapies in the relaxed state known as hypnosis. Therefore you need to be a qualified therapist in order to use it. It is easy to induce a state of hypnosis, it is the therapy part that requires far more professional skill. This is why stage hypnotists should be avoided.

Methods used include:

  • Visualisation
  • Analysis or hypnoanalysis, a form of psychoanalysis
  • Affirmation
  • Autogenics
  • Regression (also known as hypnotic regression therapy)
  • Positive self image
  • Advanced psychotherapy skills and CBT
  • Psychoanalysis (also known as hypnoanalysis)
  • Stress Innoculation Therapy

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk

NLP uses a similar state to a hypnotic trance, only far lighter. It is known as an "altered state" rather than a "hypnotic state" since it is less relaxed, and indeed sometimes uses an "up" state instead. NLP is actually not a therapy in it's own right, it is instead a modelling tool. A number of brilliant therapists of their day were modelled by the founders of NLP in order to try to enable recreation of their abilities. The result was NLP. Therefore NLP is essentially an off-shoot of hypnotherapy.

What are NLP and Hypnotherapy used for at the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk Clinics?

They can be used for their primary goal -  cognitive behavioural change. In other words changing the way we think and behave in certain situations. It can also be used for dealing with past events and recovering from them.

Part of cognitive behavioural change is dealing with phobias and fears using variations of stress innoculation therapy. This makes both hypnotherapy and NLP highly effective in dealing with any irrational fear. 

  • CBT may be effective in the management of stress related symptoms such as tension headaches (according to BMJ Learning)
  • CBT may be effective in the management and treatment of eating disorders and organically unexplained symptoms and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (according to BMJ Learning)
  • Hypnotherapy and CBT may be effective for anxiety disorders (according to BMJ Learning, NICE and Anxiety UK)

In the same way cognitive behavioural work, and motivational affirmations and visualisations are highly effective in making positive changes for:

  • Self image
  • Sports
  • Sales
  • Weight loss motivation
  • Addictions
  • Exams and public speaking
  • Other positive change issues
Both Hypnotherapy and NLP are most effective when combined with other CBT and psychotherapy! If you want a more integrative or holistic approach you should look for a therapist with additional CBT / Psychotherapy/ Coaching experience and qualification.

Qualifications and Standards of Hypnotherapy

As with all therapies the practitioner should adhere to the National Occupational Standards (NOS Hypnotherapy, NOS Healing) and have recognisable qualifications. These include ASET 4 awards in Hypnotherapy, and ASET level 3 awards NLP.

Stuart: Stuart trained with ASM in psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and stress counselling. He completed over 200 client cases (over 1,000 client hours) at over the required 80% satisfaction rate. NVQ assessment was an integral part of the training route leadin g to an NVQ level 4 as well as his professional diploma. He also has CPD awards including Hypnotherapy ASET Level 4, NLP ASET Level 3. Stuart is also the author of an  Level 4 NLP training course which leads to an NCFE certificate of achievement. Stuart first qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1993 and has been providing Hypnotherapy and NLP professionally since that time. Stuart is a full member of the NACHP (National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists) which is a UKCHO and CNHC accredited body. He is also a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists, another CNHC accreditation route.

In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then advise whether we feel we can appropriately assist you.

The CNHC is the voluntary regulator for hypnotherapy. Stuart is CNHC registered. S Stuart is also listed on the FHT AR scheme.

Denise: Denise only uses hypnotherapy in specialised ways such as as teaching self hypnosis and for healing visualisations. She is however fully qualified and is a full member of the NACHP and is a CNHC registered hypnotherapist.

Please do not encourage those "hypnotists" with no therapy background who pretend to help people!

UKCHO Registered Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk (Stuart)  Registered

Registered Trainer      Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk (Stuart & Denise) Excellent Hypnosis Website™

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Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotist Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk

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