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BoatDyslexia support, counselling and Life Coaching in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling and Glasgow

Dyslexia is a condition that effects far more than simply the ability to read and spell. If often exists alongside dyscalculus or dyspraxia. The condition is essentially an information processing problem, which effects a range of comprehension and processing.

We can provide support and coaching to assist clients with adult dyslexia in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Please note we are an ADULT service provider and do not assist in child or adolescent cases.

What is dyslexia

In basic terms dyslexia effects the way in which the sufferer processes information. A specific area of the brain is normally effected, and this results in problems with processing information from a range of inputs. It is not just reading and writing that are commonly effected.  Often delays in information processing effect sufferers in verbal conversation as well. Classically pauses while "processing", difficulty with spelling, difficulty with comprehension while reading, problems with "proof" reading, and difficulties with essay writing are all commonplace.

It should be noted that there are different types of dyslexia, some complex, some severe and some which effect mathematics, memory or speech more than other types. Not all dyslexia cases are the same.

What other effects does dyslexia have?

There are a range of knock on effects that are often seen in cases of adult dyslexia. As a result of problems during childhood and adolescence there will often be issues with:

- Fear of failure
- Negative self image because of difficulties in study and learning
- History of bullying because of "pauses" in speech or listening
- Internalised negative things that have been said, classically "stupid", "slow", "lazy"
- Higher levels of stress. This is caused by the added strain of processing information generally, and the fears of looking "stupid".
- Anger management. Repeated negative comments, difficult challenges and fear of failure result in defensive or offensive strategies of behaviour
- Some sufferers are unable to measure the passage of time and are often very late or early. Even the thought of managing time can be stressful.
- Some adult sufferers are over keen to revisit academic areas in a desperate attempt to gain success, often without the resources they need
- Numbers and mathematics are often effected, as is short term memory. Thus a sufferer may be unable to remember facts, dates, numbers or read material. It can be hard to commit facts to memory during study.
- Post traumatic Stress effect. Often sufferers are more likely to have symptoms of traumatic stress, abuse, relationship difficulties, study issues or work issues. Sufferers often have involvement with legal or social difficulties as a knock on effect of the condition.

Many of the methods used are combined where appropriate in Transpersonal psychology / transpersonal psychotherapy. This does not mean having to convert to or follow any particular faith or belief. Indeed a strength of transpersonal therapy is to look at common themes in faith and non-faith societies.

What can assist adult difficulties with dyslexia?

There are two main reasons for seeking assistance of a counselling or life coaching type.

1. Dealing with all the negative things from the past. These can involve unpiclking learned negative behaviours, fears of failure, hurt from negative comments, abuse or bullying.

2. Creating new strategies for the present and future. These can involve learning anger and stress management techniques, study methods, goal setting, calm time management, memory skills and other personal strategies.

If you have a diagnosis already
You may already have had an educational psychology assessment and be aware that you have dyslexia.  If you have not, then it is highly recommended that you seek a referral for such an assessment as soon as possible.  We can assist with non-specific learning difficulties, but it is a major step forward to have a clear diagnosis not only of dyslexia, but of the type and nature of your condition. This helps you to design new strategies for learning and study much easier.

Background of the therapists

Both therapists (Denise and Stuart) are well qualified in coaching and therapy. Both practitioners themselves have different forms of dyslexia and therefore have a deep insight and interest into the condition.

We also use handouts and training materials from externally accredited practitioner professional training courses with our clients. These courses are authored by our senior practitioner (Stuart). With dyslexia cases these are often tailored so that clients can make use of different learning styles.

In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then advise whether we feel we can appropriately assist you.

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